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Chronic sufferer of wanderlust, amateur foodie and certified yogi in training, I’m constantly looking to expand my boundaries, especially creatively.  From conception to execution, consultations to rebrands, content creation to event production, my passion is the development of integrated brand strategy and experiential production. I consider myself to be an artist with a non-traditional medium. Each brand and every venue, a blank canvas. And like any artist, I’m sensitive about my sh*t. That means, true to Capricorn nature, I mean business!


After studying at Parsons School for Design and receiving my BS in Fashion Merchandising from Kent State University, I went on to work in the fashion, non-profit, social justice arts & culture and media arenas. I’ve had the pleasure of working for corporate brands and organizations over the years focusing on branding, graphic design, social media management, PR, marketing and arts administration. With nearly a decade of experience, countless lessons learned and a touch of soul searching, I’ve decided it’s time to change up the game and create from a place of unadulterated expression.


An advocate for black creatives like myself, I design with the bigger picture in mind. I strive to work with brands who prioritize authenticity and speak to audiences of color. The risk takers, innovators, provocateurs and visionaries, that’s my tribe. 


Sound like you?  Let’s chat and see how we can evolve together.

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